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Macclesfield Wheelers

Welcome to the Macclesfield Wheelers. We’re 70 years young in July, passionate about cycling and would love to see you on one of our rides. You can read what we get up to in our Annual Report and find the answers to some of the questions you may have.

What's it like riding with us? Here's what Cycling Weekly magazine wrote about its Ride with the Macclesfield Wheelers.
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Cycling Weekend North Wales. 24/25th March 2018. in Events
By dharbott at 7:48am on 17/03/18
Hi Fozzy, great Thanks for offering to do the food again this year - as before all costs will be covered. I'm not sure how many are coming though assume similar to previous years....
BBC Radio 5 Live investigates potholes in BUG
By Chris C at 6:52am on 17/03/18
BBC Radio 5 Live is producing a program on potholes as they affect cyclists. It's collecting details of accidents or near accidents and resulting injury to riders or damage to bikes. There's a short s...
Cycling Weekend North Wales. 24/25th March 2018. in Events
By Mr.Malc at 8:16pm on 16/03/18
Can I come Dave? I’ll do sat eve food.
Easier trianing ride at 10-2-7 in Training
By fredspark at 10:00am on 16/03/18
Great to have Rich T, Steve L and Mark B back out with us again last night @ 10 -2-7, Brian E making a rare but welcome show, Caroline I making a determined effort on her second training ride, plus An...
Open 25 Time Trial - helpers needed for 14 April 2018 in General
By Simon H at 8:51pm on 15/03/18
Our Open 25 mile Time Trial (HQ at Goostrey) is on Sat 14 April and as usual we're looking for helpers - mainly marshalling the course. Not done it before? It's always sunny, you can ride out and no...
Julian Nish in News
By Mike Roberts at 8:12pm on 15/03/18
Yesterday, calling at Pastimes Café in Goostrey with three of the many friends I regularly ride with on Wednesdays, I was saddened to be told that Julian is in hospital, seriously ill with cancer. S...
Cycling Weekend North Wales. 24/25th March 2018. in Events
By dharbott at 4:10pm on 15/03/18
Reminder: this event is very soon. *** I have not had a volunteer to cook this year, so BRING YOUR OWN FOOD THIS TIME *** I've had very few people say they are coming this year, so it may be quieter t...
MTB Saturday Ride PM in MTB
By Mr.Malc at 7:51pm on 11/03/18
M.T.B. Away day Sat 17th March 2018 Meet at 10:30 at Mam Tor lay-by GR. 126:831 Longish day ride with cafe stop ...
Bishops Castle 12 / 13 May in Events
By jjackson at 7:49pm on 11/03/18
Weekend to Bishops Castle. accommodation at the Old Brick House,and Poppy House . Approx 100 mile ride on Saturday and Sunday. This year we will have 2 groups riding, one a steady ride the other a ...
Easier trianing ride at 10-2-7 in Training
By fredspark at 11:49am on 09/03/18
Nice to have Caroline I out with us last night on her 1st 10-2-7 ride, plus Rachel G after missing a few weeks, joining regular Andy R & yours truly making it a gender equilibrium event on internation...