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Welcome to the Macclesfield Wheelers. We’re 70 years young in July, passionate about cycling and would love to see you on one of our rides. You can read what we get up to in our Annual Report and find the answers to some of the questions you may have.

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Thinking of coming out with us? Here's what Cycling Weekly magazine wrote about its Ride with the Macclesfield Wheelers.
If you want to join us on the road, please read these guidelines first. If you'd like to join us off-road, please read these. If you are under 18, please make sure your parent or guardian reads this before you come out with us.
Membership now 242, including 54 women
This is our highest number of women members ever. You can contact Rachel G, our committee rep with special responsibility for increasing participation by women, at
Thinking of joining? If you can wait until after 30 June, you get 18 months' membership, for no extra money. Can't wait? It's only 15 quid anyway, plus you need third party insurance.
Warrington RC 4-up 25 mile TTT last night (J2/9) in Time Trials
By mattyardley at 9:06am on 22/06/18
It was all going so well, right up until a few yards after the finish line. Ben, Simon, Jamie and I clocked 55:22 in the Warrington RC 4-up TTT, but unfortunately Jamie clipped a wheel and hit the roa...
Club 10 - mega turn out in Time Trials
By mattyardley at 9:04pm on 20/06/18
Cracking night at the Macc Wheelers club 10 tonight, superstars galore! 23 riders in total, in breezy conditions. Huge thanks to our helpers tonight: Roger Wrenn, Eddie Goodwin, Paul Dean, Ben Greenw...
Club 10 mile TT week 6 - 13th June Results in Time Trials
By jjackson at 10:58pm on 13/06/18
Club 10 mile TT week 6 - 13th June Results
Restoring the faith - better numbers tonight ... in Time Trials
By mattyardley at 8:07pm on 13/06/18
... for the club 10 and with superstars like Monica Dew riding it makes it all the more satisfying. 14 riders in total, and good turnout from our club. Keep it coming, spread the word etc. People keep...
Hill Climbs 2018 in Time Trials
By Simon H at 7:04pm on 11/06/18
A post about Hill Climbs - a few people said to me last year that they'd have ridden some events if they'd known where / when they were happening. The 'season' is a way off yet, most events are in Se...
Easier trianing ride at 10-2-7 in Training
By fredspark at 11:08am on 08/06/18
According to Andy R's strava activity titled "10-2-7 chainy I missed a few turns" (thats honest) he did or should I say we did a PR on the segment Broken X to Artist Ln last night. That can only mean ...
Easier trianing ride at 10-2-7 in Training
By fredspark at 7:30am on 07/06/18
Due to the ongoing settled weather tonights easier training ride will not be cancelled. I dont want to start another debate so the rules have stayed the same as before.; no target speed, the group sta...
5th June 2018 - The Karl Austin Interclub Challenge in Time Trials
By jjackson at 8:55pm on 06/06/18
Team results:- Congleton CC 5:51:53 Macclesfield Wheelers 6:26:43 Full results:-
Lark Ride in Club runs
By Chris C at 9:03pm on 04/06/18
Lark Ride to Waterhouses Sat 2 June Seven riders: Mike C, Mark B, Monica, Steve B, Russell, Andrew and me, Chris C. Russell even did the Park Run at 9.00 am and was so fast he still had time to jog h...
Tomorrow's Karl Austin inter-club 25m TT update in Time Trials
By mattyardley at 8:43pm on 04/06/18
Tomorrow's Karl Austin inter-club 25m TT update - roadworks have gone so the race is on. Note the race HQ is Chelford Village Hall. The Cong CC organiser says "There is a height barrier on the car p...