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Postby jjackson » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:49 pm

Last Saturday was my last ride as club runs leader after 27 years. Riding out to the start in all weathers just in case someone was mad enought to tunr up. I have had many messages thanking me for leading rides and helping riders with mechanicals, pushing, sheltering riders from the wind. One such message I have recieved:-
Hi john, I heard a rumour you where standing down as Saturday club run captain ? Well if its true. Just wanted to say what an excellent job you've done over the years. I am sure someone will step in but will they equal you I think not, keep us all rounded up, and together, puncture mending, chain repairs, etc etc not forgetting the helping hand up the hills,
I would like to Thankyou for the many hours of club runs I have enjoyed under your watchful eyes not forgetting of course up the final climb to bishops castle how can top that?
cheers John
Mick Warren

The training has now started for PBP and planning is underway.
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