Club 10 report 23 May

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Club 10 report 23 May

Postby mattyardley » Thu May 24, 2018 8:08 am

11 riders racing against the clock tonight on a lovely sunny evening, but as usual that squally Cheshire wind was out to challenge us. Ben Greenwood flew around the course on his road bike in the fastest time, with rapid junior Robert Rowson putting in a great time on that course.

Many thanks to our helpers, hugely appreciated as we had a few people who couldn't make it at the last minute, and several others away on hols. We ran it with about the leanest helper team we can tonight.

Timekeeper: Celia Elliott (no assistant)
Start timing and pushing off: Paul Fenton* and Moray Macnee
Marshalls: Moray Macnee and Phil Kitchman
Signage and signing on: Moi

* Many thanks to Paul who was intending to ride - even did his warm up on the turbo only to be scuppered at the last minute by a mechanical. Hope you get to ride in the coming weeks Paul.

Results as follows:
1 Ben Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers 00:23:51
2 Matt Yardley Macclesfield Wheelers 00:24:25
3 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers 00:25:13
4 Paul Birkin Buxton CC 00:25:16
5 Mark Williams Manchester Wheelers 00:26:14
6 Mark Pilling Macclesfield Wheelers 00:26:34
7 Bill Renard Macclesfield Wheelers 00:27:08
8 Peter Jackson Macclesfield Wheelers 00:27:23
9 Monica Eden Macclesfield Wheelers 00:27:45
10 Mark Abbott Macclesfield Wheelers 00:27:55
11 Chris Barlow HC Velo 00:29:56

I'm away on holiday next week so I'll need someone to organise things. Please let me know if you can do this. I will need to know before the weekend. I'll drop of the signage and sign-on stuff at your house and let you know what's needed on the night. It's pretty straightforward. Cheers.
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