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The club and committee

Postby Simon H » Thu May 03, 2018 5:14 pm

Hi All, if you're not a member of the Facebook discussion group you'll have missed some recent exchanges about the club, prompted by closing the group to non-club members. Pasted below is a copy of something I posted on the Facebook discussion group earlier today, FYI.
Just to be clear - there is no intention to suggest that people should be on Facebook.

Hello – a post about the Club and Committee, prompted by recent discussion on here. Tried to keep it short…

The challenge for the Committee is to build on the club’s strengths and traditions – and respond to the changes in the cycling world that mean people don’t want to join a club: strava, sportives, sponsorship, smart trainers (or – if they do join a club, they’re looking for minimum involvement – turn up and ride, but not marshal, organise events, lead rides, bake cakes etc).

The things the Committee is focused on are:
- Keep improving our communication with the outside world – make the website the first port of call. Yes, we think a Committee should be responsible for the public image of the club… a club that is easy to contact, has a lot to offer and is friendly.
- Fix our club kit ordering process so people can order our brilliant kit
- Have a well organised, well led and welcoming set of regular rides that offer a good mix
- Improve our reputation outside the club – some of the good stuff is lost when anecdotally we’re seen as elitist and obsessed with mudflaps.
- Continue to promote Open events that ‘put something back’ into cycling locally and raise our profile
- Encourage under-18 participation in cycling
- Provide opportunities for people to try racing and go on to represent the club

I don’t speak for everyone on the Committee and that list might not be everything – there are different ideas about how the club should go forward – but we’re all trying to get to the same result. There is lots of good stuff happening – more new faces, more rides have been added, more people are racing, new ideas are being proposed and more people are getting involved.

We think we’re open about why and how Committee decisions are being taken and send out a summary after every meeting. We know that it’s important to keep communicating and can always do more. We’re easy to contact if you want to give us your views, which we need and respect, but please don’t kick us too hard in the process, we’ll get weary.
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