Easy ride to Astbury

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Easy ride to Astbury

Postby Katherine Jackson » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:08 pm

The easy riders went to Astbury garden centre today. Martin led a group of 17 along a route which included some devious twists and turns through Congleton to avoid the main road. The speed out to Congleton was a little faster than usual at 14 to 15 mph, thanks to 'quick Nick ' on the front. John met us at the cafe having had to answer a call from work, then encountering traffic and police trying to round up a loose bull, and finally helping a cycling damsel in distress with a mechanical at the side of the road. Our ride back was at a slightly more sedate pace, with just one puncture to fix. It was great to see Mike and Gail, who were on their first club run, despite having been with the club for many years.
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