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Postby Mike Roberts » Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:21 pm

For the record, I acknowledge that I have posted nothing on this thread for some time.

Uninviting road conditions are only partly to blame... but most would agree one's life is a priority when we have icy conditions such as have prevailed!

A fortnight in Mallorca early February is a better excuse; and I will be going there again this weekend for two Sundays.

100km and 150km Audaxes, on Saturdays, have sated my appetite to ensure a late finish on a Sunday evening does not compromise my domestic bliss. But life is complicated by having distant relatives that must be visited as well.

Family birthdays both early May weekends will affect my availability, but if anyone relishes a day ride on Sunday April 28th, please contact me via a PM or as shown in the calendar via

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