MDTTA 25 J2/9

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MDTTA 25 J2/9

Postby thetrotter » Sat Apr 21, 2007 6:08 pm

A warm but decidedly breezy day which made the A50 leg even more unpleasant that usual.  Results were:

Steve Burke 58-09 (10th)
Richard Grudzinski  59-24
David Higham 59-32 (5th on standard)
Steve Powell 59-46
Paul Threfall 1-03-59 (well done, the only Macc rider to improve on last week)
Lewis Burke 1-11-52

Not sure what happened to Steve Jackson and Chris Edmondson didn't start.

Lost out on team prize to Warrington RC.

Winner was D Crawley Wrexham RC in 55-48 (off an handicap of 12-38).
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