M & D TTA 10 Result.

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M & D TTA 10 Result.

Postby roger j wrenn » Sat Mar 17, 2007 11:17 pm

Another good turnout of club members totaling 7
unfortunately new 1st claim member Lewis Burke was unable to ride so we lost out with the chance of the team prize. Also Mick Price was DNS.
With simular conditions to two weeks ago but a little more difficult on the return as the wind was a westerley meaning it was right on your nose on the way back. Then the last mile from Terra Nova was horrendos ! plus the hail stone, but minus the traffic lights !!

we finished up :-
                         7th Steve Burke      23:22
                         10th Adam Bailey     23:42
                         12th Roger Wrenn   24:06
                         18th  Andy Bowers  24:31
                                 Paul Threlfal   26:16
   Looking at the results sheet most people went about 15--20 slower than the previous event, where I managed to improve by the same amount. Also got results on the Track last night with a 4th in the Kilo and a points win in the 25 lap points race.
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