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Hill Climbs 2018

Postby Simon H » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:04 pm

A post about Hill Climbs - a few people said to me last year that they'd have ridden some events if they'd known where / when they were happening. The 'season' is a way off yet, most events are in Sept and Oct - so now is a good time to save the dates. I've found out more about them through Jo riding a few. James R and Dom S also rode several last year... I'm sure they'll share their experiences if you're interested. You can use the CTT website to find Open events by filtering on 'Hill Climbs' - then shout for help working out what the course code means! Drop me a line if you're stuck.

A few obvious ones near us:

16 Sept - Choice of Cat & Fiddle or Bolsover
30 Sept - Pea Royd Lane, Stocksbridge
7 Oct - Monsal Head (a good one for spectating! too)
21 Oct - Matlock 2 for 1 - Riber and Bank Road

Then don't forget our club events: Pym's Chair 18 Aug and Cat & Fiddle 15 Aug. There are usually a few other club events (e.g. on the Brickworks) during late summer.

The Hill Climb 'scene' is great - the events are always friendly, lots of cheering and cowbells, you see some interesting bikes and there are usually age categories to keep people interested.
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