Time trials - first post of the new year

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Time trials - first post of the new year

Postby mattyardley » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:34 pm

Hi all, happy New Year everyone.

The national time trials calendar is now available on the CTT website: (see under the “Events” tab at the top of the page). For anyone interested in TTs this is worth a look now just to see the wide range of events available. It’s quite a daunting list if you’re new to TTs so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

The Manchester and District of Cycling Time Trial Association (M&DTTA) is a group of local clubs, including ours, and they’ve compiled a handy list of local events on … look for ‘Provisional list of events for 2018’ and click the link. You will see that most, if not all, of the M&DTTA events are also listed on the national CTT website. The M&DTTA is interesting as it runs a series of 20 local TTs and there’s a points competition (individual and club) where results from the best 10 events are counted. Over the years Macc Wheelers has been very well represented in this competition but in recent years fewer people have participated. I for one am keen to ride in more of these events. With a few more of us riding we could get Macc Wheelers higher up the overall team standing. Congleton won it last year; our club was 5th overall in 2009 (and may have been even higher in previous years?)

If you’re new to TTs the Wednesday evening club 10s are the best way to get started as you can just turn up on the night, sign on and pay £3, then ride. For the CTT ‘open’ events they all require pre-entry. This is now very simple for many races i.e. those that allow online entry and payment. You will need to register on the CTT website to do this but it’s straightforward and doesn’t cost you anything (the club pays for CTT membership direct). Some races still require entry the old-fashioned way (paper-based with cheque payment).

If you’re a vet (age 40 and above) you can also become a member of the Veterans Time Trials Association (VTTA) which run various competitions including nationals and various ‘best all-rounder’ variants. I’m going to join the VTTA myself this year.

That’s enough for now. Have a look through things then it would be good to get some discussion going about what people would like to do on the TT front. I’m also starting to think about some new personal TT targets for this year, and I am wondering if public disclosure (in this forum) will provide an extra level of motivation, not sure, might be dangerous!
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