Heanor Clarion 25 1 August

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Heanor Clarion 25 1 August

Postby thetrotter » Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:38 pm

Good luck to the three Wheelers down to ride, Jeff and Carole Sherrin and Neil Morris who has the honour of being off 120 as the fastest man in the field (no pressure there then :lol: ) on what is now probably one of the five fastest 25 courses in the country. Some advice: park in the school not at the HQ (there's more space); the first couple of miles to the A50 are surprisingly hard so don't start too fast; make sure you turn at the right roundabout (a surprising number of people turn short); the two hardest parts of the A50 are Doveridge Bank (on the way back) and the final drag to the exit slip road; once off the A50 you can really wind it up all the way to the finish (which is why the first couple of miles are so hard!). Remember, this is always a fast course so don't be discouraged by less than ideal conditions. Look forward to hearing about three PBs. :cheers:
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