Racing with the Wheelers in 2018

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Racing with the Wheelers in 2018

Postby lfcquin » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:05 pm

Happy New Year. 2018 is almost upon us and it is the time for new year resolutions. If you are considering road racing in 2018 then as your Road Racing Secretary I am here to try and help.

Two things are already underway. Firstly we have a Facebook Messenger Group where members who are interested in racing can ask questions, organise who is racing what events and co-ordinate lifts or race strategies and tips. If you would like to be a member of this group then drop me a message and I will add you straight away. From time to time I will update the whole club on what is happening to keep us joined up.

Secondly I am pulling together a spreadsheet of most of the events in the North West and other important events across the country from the 3 organising bodies. I'm working with John Jackson to get this in the club website.

If you are interested in racing then now is the time to renew you club membership and join the racing organisations you are interested in. These are

British Cycling: British Cycling organise specific races by points categories (you earn points through getting race results). If you haven't raced before you start as a 4th Category rider. They have male and female specific events running throughout the year at a number of closed circuits like Tameside, Preston, Litherland and Lancaster. Now and again they also do races on the open road.

TLI Cycling: ... Check=true. TLI organise a large number of races on the open roads in the North West. Race categories are age related, covering everything from Juniors to Over 65s, there are no points. Both Macc Wheelers races are TLI events. The great news is that this is the cheapest organisation to join and races are the cheapest too! As Macc Wheelers organises 2 races then you also get priority entry when races are oversubscribed. Women are catered for, they race with the Men in the older age categories. For example if you are a junior (under 18) or a woman (any age) then you are placed into the older male race categories where you can be more competitive. It works well with juniors or women frequently winning these events.

LVRC: For the over 40's then there is also LVRC. These races are also age related. There are a handful of crits and one road race in the North West. If you join LVRC you may need to travel further afield to race regularly.

If you have any desire to race in 2018 then feel free to drop me a message on what you think the club can do to help you and we will try and take that onboard with our 2018 plans.

Don't forget, there also more details on our this website under the Racing tab.


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Re: Racing with the Wheelers in 2018

Postby Simon H » Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:21 am

Eight Wheelers rode the first race in the TLI Cheshire series on the Siddington course on Tuesday night. It was a bad night for it, with lots of water on the roads making for filthy conditions. From what I could tell through the mud, in my race a strong breakaway group went away on the first lap. At times we were organised in our chase but a mixture of the pace required and the need to allow for the hazardous conditions meant that they stayed away. In the chasing pack were Tom G, Jon C, Ben T, Lee C and me. Louis was mixing it at the front for a while but dropped back - assuming you finished ok Louis? Jon and Lee were there to compete in the bunch sprint (probably for about 6th place) and finished in the top 10. Tough start to the series but good to see a number of us giving it a crack and finishing safely! Carl F and Mark B also finished in race 2 and 3 respectively. Dave R and Chris Q got the luck of the draw and were marshalling!! Back for more next week....
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