NWCCA R11 - Marsh Tracks, Rhyl

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NWCCA R11 - Marsh Tracks, Rhyl

Postby Buxton Bleat » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:19 am

The Wheelers Cyclo cross team travelled to Marsh Tracks, Rhyl for the Eleventh Round of the series on Sunday. Like Cycling Vikings they took the long journey West to raid and pillage the Welsh for as many points as possible in the knowledge that such a far flung venue is not made by many and good placings could be had.

In fact the turnout was very good with 80+ starters (39 finished last years race) with all the regulars present, despite temperatures hovering just above freezing. The course was not a purists course shall we say but was nevertheless different to anything else provided in the league. Marsh Tracks is ‘brown belt’ land on which the council have provided a purpose built BMX track and Road Race circuit. Although there were some technical features they were limited and so to stretch the course the old post office queue style of lanes up and down were utilised. As the venue name suggests Marsh Tracks was just that - a Marsh. With standing water and some six 100m lengths the riders were soon reduced to running pretty much the lot. However the pain induced by that was eased with two silky smooth stretches of Tarmac where you could really open up the gas. A fast off camber section before some nasty and slippy descents and yet more queue style sections completed the circuit.

In the Seniors Marcus Fielden and Mark Rowson took to the grid. At the off two very rapid tarmac laps strung out the field before the dreaded lanes were tackled. Fielden likes Tarmac and was lying about 15th on entering the lanes. After the lanes he’d slipped to 30th! Rowson was not far behind. Given there was so much Tarmac and the place was so exposed it paid off to latch onto a group and work together as in road racing. Should the group splinter and a rider become detached the tarmac could be hard going into the two headwind stretches. Rowson was in a well organised group of five who made very quick progress up the field. He was within 10 lengths of Fielden in what could have turned out to be a rare Macc v Macc fight to the finish. However something in Fielden didn’t want that and maybe Rowson just overcooked himself in the chase and the gap widened again. Fielden took 29th and Rowson too k by far his best result of the season with an excellent 34th. There were 79 finishers. In the Under 12’s Robbie Rowson took a very good tenth place to continue his rise up the league table. Robbie was on hand to help Greg in the pits situated amidst the boggy lanes. Both could be heard chortling and tittering at the sight of Rowson Snr and Fielden tramping through the Marsh.

League action resumes on the 15th December with a trip to Clitheroe. The penultimate round is the best of them all and is of course The Supacross in our very own South Park on Sunday 30th December. For full details check out Crispins excellent dedicated web page in i-Fools Nook.

Results here: ... -round-12/
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Re: NWCCA R11 - Marsh Tracks, Rhyl

Postby Mike Roberts » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:44 pm

Coninue to be so impressed with Marcus's patience and eloquence in compiling these reports so swiftly after his exposure to such demanding terrain, weather, and opposition!

Me wonders how he manages to have the energy left to do so? Has Greg not got a bigger stick!

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