NWCCA R8 - Geoff Bewley Memorial, Otterspool

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NWCCA R8 - Geoff Bewley Memorial, Otterspool

Postby Buxton Bleat » Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:47 pm

Saturday saw Round eight of the cross season take place at Otterspool on the banks of the Mersey in Liverpool. Never has the writer seen the said estuary look so calm and placid on a lovely Autumnal day. Alas the same platitudes cannot be said of the visiting circus of NWCCA regulars who, it seems, after 8 weeks solid racing are perhaps growing a little tired, strained, nervous and possibly even tetchy faced with the demands of another hour of pain that is Cyclo Cross. (I certainly am!)

So lets elaborate a little.

The Otterspool course as previously reported is a gem. It has everything a modern cross course could want. Wooded tracks, Singletrack, Grassy sections be they uphill, downhill, off cambers here, off cambers there, berms, cobbled climbs – the lot. So Saturdays course layout, in the mind of many, was a disappointment. To be fair to the organisers of the Geoff Bewley Memorial Cross they always lay on a fantastically well organised event and try to be different. The event has tremendous commercial support and can afford huge sponsors banners and PA/music system to give a very continental, and perhaps, even Belgian feel. But in trying to centre much of the racing around the spectator area in the form of never ending 180degree switchbacks and long quite boring stretches of grass straights the course didn’t make the most of the areas its best recognised for.

Mark Bethell one of five riders representing Macclesfield Wheelers on the day voiced his disapproval of the course by actually registering an official complaint. Elsewhere the other regulars of Fielden, Lawton and Rowson were involving themselves in some pretty close up quarters battles, not with the stewards, but fellow riders – be they riders for position or even lapped or leading riders. As previously mentioned competition is hotting up but fatigue and mistakes are creeping in. The result? Collisions and strong words, – during and after the race!

In truth Cyclo Cross is a hugely popular and friendly sport and such tittle tattle is soon forgotten and a flash in the pan. 150starters in the main event proves that to be the case! And so to the actual race. Fielden for some unknown reason seems to be starting rather well. Drifting past teammate Lawton with ease and positioning himself in the top 15 was the easy part, holding it for the next 55 minutes was another matter. Lawton had no mither re-establishing himself as number one Wheeler and set about hunting down the pack coming home a very good 14th given some top visiting riders were present. Fielden not enjoying the purple patch of previous weeks had to settle for 36th. Mark Rowson gave yet another super composed showing to finish 56th. Mark really is Mr Consistent which will garner him a fantastic end of season league position for sure. A welcome sight was Alistair McAdam making his first appearance of the season. Alistair (who the organisers have down as being over 50, which is surely wrong) came home in 92nd. There were 135 finishers.

They say the best things are left to last and indeed that is the case here. I can happily report that the best placed Wheeler of the day was up and coming star Robbie Rowson. On only his second outing on his new cross machine Robbie powered home to 10th in the Under 12’s. Chapeau young bean! :salut: :thumleft:

Second best event of the day was Macc Wheelers own Danny Macaskill (Matt lawton) doing a quite incredulous slow motion backward roll, bike and feet intact, whilst trying to navigate the most feeble of inclines on the warm up. There was an appreciative audience and it also undoubtedly made my day.

Next race is Leverhulme Park again in Bolton. It’s touch and go if the regulars will be present as it is the Dinner and Prize presentation the evening before.
Results here:
Seniors: ... VNFE#gid=0
Under 12’s: ... zWlE#gid=0

Excellent high quality (everyone in pain mode) shots here. Note copywrite material: ... 2568585856
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Re: NWCCA R8 - Geoff Bewley Memorial, Otterspool

Postby alistair.mcadam » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:19 pm

The organisers got right I really am 50, it that careful diet of red wine and carrot cake that keeps me looking young :)
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