NWCCA 7 - Beacon Country Park, Skelmersdale

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NWCCA 7 - Beacon Country Park, Skelmersdale

Postby Buxton Bleat » Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:42 pm

Round seven at Beacon Country Park on Saturday marked the halfway point of the season. Perched on the hills surrounding Skelmersdale the park enjoys some nice views but is exposed. A strong wind was present and the course tape rasped in response letting riders know they were in for a hard day. In complete contrast to last weeks Firm racecourse condtions this course was a sodden heavy going mess. Not many were heard to say they liked the conditions! The course was a complete slog except for a fun and fast downhill section through the woods which required much attention or a nasty tree collision would ensue. Of course what goes down must come up and there followed a punishing 50 metre run up a steep hill. If that didn’t slow you down the minimal to zero traction on the flat certainly did.

In the Under 12’s Robert Rowson certainly looked the part on his newly purchased Cyclocross bike and his performance was very good as he finished 13th. Robbie then cleaned himself up to lend a hand in the pits to namesake Greg. Special thanks must be made to Greg as it was a very chilly day and he played an active role in cleaning Mr Lawtons machine and his own bike each lap. At least the riders were on the move to keep warm.

The Three Macceteers of Lawton, Fielden and Rowson all made slow starts. The conditions seemed to favour the big powerful builds at the start and so each wheeler had to battle up through the field for the next hour. Lawton with legs still heavy from his National Hill Climb exploits came home 14th. Fielden was pleased to finish a course that didn’t favour his dodgy ankle in 38th. Rowson finished a great 45th racing to the death and making up two places within metres of the chequered flag. Giles Drake continued his dominance leading home Endura’s Jonny McEvoy in second.

Results here: ... #more-1176
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