Macc Revolution Track Evening 17/04 8-10pm

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Macc Revolution Track Evening 17/04 8-10pm

Postby Knuddy » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:01 pm

After some fun track sessions over the winter we will be holding the unofficial "Macc Revolution - Open Track Meet" on Friday April 17th at the Manchester Velodrome. Track time from 8-10pm. We will be meeting up around 7 for 7.30 so we can get organised for a rolling start of events.

Modelled on the UK Revolution series, we will have a series of "competitive events" across 3 divisions based on rider track confidence and experience. "Track masters - Accredited Riders or Experienced track racers" - "Bunch Riders - Who are confident in chain gangs and happy on top of the track" - "Talent Division - For track confident riders not used to bunch riding/racing" Events will be tailored to each group. Macc Wheelers and friends are welcome, so if you have track riding friends please ask them along.

After Facebook promotion we have already got a quorum for the event. In case anyone are not on Facebook, this is a call for anyone interested in taking part. Key to the event is that we all have fun and get to do some "racing" which will likely include flying 200, standing laps, team time trials, and some bunch racing for the more experienced groups.

If you are up for this, please get in touch, all I need is your name, bike and shoe size if you are hiring, and an indication of your experience level.

On this occasion, we are "excluding" anyone who has never been on an indoor track before. This is to allow the flow of events to get going without novice induction. If you are interested in visiting the track and see what its like you are of course very welcome. Also anyone looking for a night out watching Macc hopefuls riding the boards should just come along.

Looking forward to any additional participants - Details on event programme to follow,

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Re: Macc Revolution Track Evening 17/04 8-10pm

Postby roger j wrenn » Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:48 pm

Hi can you put my name on the list please
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