Evening Road Race - Start Sheet

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Evening Road Race - Start Sheet

Postby Anthony Allan » Sun May 11, 2014 4:27 pm


No. Name Club/Team Cat
1 Paul Woodrow Audlem Cycle Club M
2 Mark Hassall Dave Hinde Racing Team M
3 Giles Bett Dave Hinde Racing Team M
4 Richard Line Graham Weigh RT A
5 Christopher Jones Graham Weigh RT A
6 Graham Kemp Graham Weigh RT M
7 Paul Roberts Graham Weigh RT A
8 Philip Garton-Pope Liverpool Century A
9 Dean Hepworth Liverpool Mercury Dolan SEN
10 Christopher Quin Macclesfield Wheelers A
11 Dave Clark Macclesfield Wheelers M
12 Sam Yarwood Macclesfield Wheelers M
13 Paul Quinn Manchester Wheelers M
14 Giles Barker Manchester Wheelers SEN
15 Karl Owen Manchester Wheelers SEN
16 Paul Rowley Manchester Wheelers M
17 Andrew Turner Manchester Wheelers A
18 Sam Rowlands Seamons CC M
19 Andrew Prince Stafford Road Club A
20 Robert Faulkner Stafford Road Club A
21 Will Pegg Stone Wheelers M
22 Wayne Lacey Stone Wheelers A
23 Paul Belfield Stone Wheelers A
24 Joe Bennett Warrington RC SEN
25 Rory Crone Warrington RC A
26 Mike Garner Birkenhead North End CC M
27 Matt Walmsley Birkenhead North End CC A
28 Chris Spencer Onimpex Bioracer RT A
29 Adam Sant St Helens CRC SEN
30 Paul Kirman Team Wheel Guru A
31 Christopher Wilde Team Wheel Guru A
32 Tony Williams Team Wheel Guru A
33 Robert Rhodes Vekta Velosport/NCRC 2001 M
34 Richard Barnett Vekta Velosport/NCRC 2001 A
35 Stuart Clifton-Smith Cyclesport International A
36 Darren Hale Cyclesport International A

Reserve 1 Luke Douglas Chorlton Velo SEN
Reserve 2 Daniel Jenkins GWC Racing Team SEN
Reserve 3 David Cole Unattached A
Reserve 4 Paul Baptist Vision Racing M
Reserve 5 Justin Collacott Frodsham Wheelers A
Reserve 6 Karl Smith Lancashire RC A
Reserve 7 Robert Palmer Team Kuota/Spinergy/GSG M
Reserve 8 Paul Baptist Vision Racing M
Reserve 9 Stephen Talbot Unattached A

RACE 2 – B/C
1 Steven Cartwright Graham Weigh RT B
2 Keith Jones Graham Weigh RT C
3 Mark Westwood Liverpool Century RC C
4 Paul Molloy Liverpool Mercury Dolan B
5 John Crook Liverpool Mercury Dolan B
6 Michael Brady Liverpool Mercury Dolan C
7 Ron Plumbley Liverpool Mercury Dolan B
8 Stuart Johns Liverpool Mercury Dolan B
9 Mark Bethell Macclesfield Wheelers C
10 Eddie Goodwin Macclesfield Wheelers C
11 Malcolm Fowler Macclesfield Wheelers C
12 Charles Gray Manchester Wheelers B
13 Sammy KY Cheung Manchester Wheelers C
14 Mike Cleary Manchester Wheelers B
15 Pat Holborn Manchester Wheelers C
16 Ian Noons Stone Wheelers C
17 Anthony Brannen Stone Wheelers B
18 Andrew Roberts Warrington RC C
19 Michael Jones Warrington RC C
20 Anthony Booth Weaver Valley B
21 Steve Davies Onimpex Bioracer RT C
22 Jeff Freeman StHelens CRC/ D. Sparrow B
23 Simon Bills Team Assos C
24 Martin Reed Team Wheel Guru C
25 Martin Spencer Team Wheel Guru B
26 Duncan Ross Team Wheel Guru B
27 Paul Thursfield Tunstall Wheelers/Brian Rourke B
28 Simon Oldfield Abbotsford Park Road CC B

Reserve 1 Brian Renshaw Macclesfield Wheelers B
Reserve 2 Mike Knudsen Macclesfield Wheelers C
Reserve 3 Andrew Wright Bott Cycle Team B
Reserve 4 Bruce McLaren Harry Middleton CC B
Reserve 5 Jezz Ellis Port Sunlight Wheelers B
Reserve 6 James Maloney Spin Cycle Magazine C
Reserve 7 Gary Hill Unattached C

1 Paul Mason Audlem Cycle Club D
2 Mike Wilson Audlem Cycle Club E
3 Gordon Wallace Graham Weigh RT D
4 Philip John Windsor Graham Weigh RT F
5 Martin Moore Liverpool Century E
6 John Stanistreet Liverpool Dolan Mercury D
7 Dave McGuinness Liverpool Dolan Mercury E
8 Philip Thomas Liverpool Mercury Dolan D
9 Vicky Thomas Liverpool Mercury Dolan C(W)
10 Ray Pugh Liverpool Mercury Dolan D
11 Neil Russell Liverpool Mercury Dolan D
12 Malcom Fraser Lusso Sportswear E
13 Dave High Macclesfield Wheelers E
14 Michael O'Connor Macclesfield Wheelers E
15 Dave Higham Macclesfield Wheelers E
16 Ruth Taylor Manchester Wheelers M(W)
17 Nigel Harrop Seamons CC E
18 Melanie Bailey Seamons CC SEN(W)
19 John Charter Stafford Road Club D
20 Adrian Robinson Stafford Road Club D
21 Alan Kemp Weaver Valley F
22 Ken Jones Onimpex Bioracer RT E
23 Joey Williams Onimpex Bioracer RT D
24 Steve Jolley Onimpex.Bioracer RT D
25 Barry Beswick Team Wheel Guru E
26 Phil Rose Team Wheel Guru D

Reserve 1 Chris Danby Preston CC D
Reserve 2 James Giblin Unattached D
Reserve 3 Stephen Booth Tunstall Wheelers/Brian Rourke D
Reserve 4 Graham Lomax Wigan Wheelers D
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