For anyone keen to ride in previously unexplored territory..

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For anyone keen to ride in previously unexplored territory..

Postby Mike Roberts » Sun May 07, 2017 12:00 pm

Sixty or so miles seems to be the norm for Saturday (Afternoon) Club Runs nowadays, and for new or aspiring members this, subject to the challenging nature of routes to the east of Macclesfield, is not too much between Easter and October...

For members who may be somewhat fed up of repeating the roads in the westerly direction, and reluctant to address the cost for riding commercially organised Sportives, the attractive alternative to consider is a '100' kilometre Audax.

Not for the first time I yesterday took part in a '100' Audax organised in East Yorkshire. Approximately 90% was pan flat. The other 10% thread its way through the western Wolds with the major climb being a cross between Crowton to Norley and Kirkdale (from Ashford in the Water to Sheldon). The total ascent was a little less than 500-metres.

Admittedly getting to such an event requires motorised transport, an early alarm at 5.15 a.m., and a 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hour drive, each way; a not insurmountable cost to 3 or even 4 travelling in one vehicle.

My next event is May 20th starting from the venue for the annual Cyclists Memorial service at Meriden. This is a '105' with approx. 700-metres of climbing, taking in the Edge Hill battle site as well as Burton Dassett Country Park. A fortnight later is the Tramway '100' from Crich in Derbyshire - I won't guess the climbing challenge at this stage.

See fro more information.

I must not forget to say that riding an Audax does require a degree of map savvy, a good memory, attention to route detail, OR proficiency in using and responding to GPS utility devices.

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