Night time use of cycle paths alongside A-roads etc.

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Night time use of cycle paths alongside A-roads etc.

Postby Mike Roberts » Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:33 pm

See correction below. Re-reading the Macc Express article, it is the POYNTON Town Council, not Macclesfield Town Council who are to have the scheme presentation. My Macclesfield Town Councillor has redirected the email I sent to him.

Have been reading correspondence about motorists being blinded, on bends, by on-coming cyclists with bright lights on near side segregated cycle ways, where there is only one cycle way; as for instance that proposed for the new link between the A6MARR and Adlington/ A523; a 3-kilometre length.

According to last week's Macclesfield Express, the Senior Project Leader is to give a presentation to POYNTON Town Councillors on 14th November.

I intend to write to a Councillor that I have become acquainted with in order to emphasise the need for serious consideration to be given to having cycle ways on both sides of the proposed carriageway.

In Cumbria, some time ago, at least one cyclist was killed by a motorist braking uncontrollably, leaving the carriageway and ploughing into a group of cyclists...

Might I suggest that other members do likewise?

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