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MTB rides what do you want

Postby Mr.Malc » Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:42 pm

Hello there, as a keen offroader and regular Saturday PM MTBist , I am aware that some other Macc Wheelers may wish to partake in a spot of mud but don’t feel the current ride format suits their tastes.
Can I, therefore, invite views on how best we can cater for a wider number of MWs via responses to this thread?
Does the current ride go too high ? ..too far.. too fast or over terrain too technical ?
What would your perfect ride format be?
At the moment all our mid ride tea shoppe destinations are in the hilly direction out of Macc and we get there riding as little road as possible. There are few interesting tracks out on the plain to coax us that way.
Please by all means re facetweet this but remember I won’t be able to view those discussions.
PS I believe our longstanding MTB sec Gordon may be standing down at the AGM , any volunteers?
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