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MTB Awaydays Anyone??

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:52 pm
by jeremy
Would any of the mountain bikers fancy doing some awaydays to ride some new trails? Proposal is to arrange a series of awaydays to new, but not too distant, areas say once in each alternate month. It would be best to have the drive a maximum of say 90 minutes, so it would be a full day but not so far as to need overnight stays. I'm thinking of a combination of natural trails and trail centres, most of these at around an hour's drive: Hope Valley and surrounds, Llandegla, Lee Quarry, Hebden Bridge, Cannock Chase, Gisburn forest. The beauty of the trail centres is most of these are rideable in any weather. Post a reply or let me or Gordon know and we'll come up with a schedule so we can plan ahead. If the forecast is terrible a couple of days before we can always re-schedule.