Langsett 2015


Langsett 2015

Postby markrowson » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:27 pm

Saturday 12th the annual M.T.B to Langsett(Yorkshire) and back. 9 smiling riders met at 09.00hrs at Bollington viaduct. Riders in alphabetical
order,Bird,Gamwell,Heywood,Lawton(captains Dad),Low,Renshaw,Ross,Rowson,Wood. There is one main character missing from the group? Route master Foster, where could he be? We left without him down the Middlewood way at a steady pace. As we neared Poynton I turned around and there was Foster sitting on my wheel dressed in his best summer kit. The group was now complete .10 riders in total all playing their part which was to turn out to be a most memorable day.
As we negotiated the Middlewood Way and Lyme Park we headed down the Sett Valley Trail over to Hayfield where we recharged our water bottles and had the usual banter.
Now the real off road riding was to be negotiated beginning with the long maul up Coldwell Clough,Oaken Clough to the medieval monument known as Edale Cross. The next section of the ride was Jacobs Ladder a very tricky section which will test any rider. It claimed 3 casualties. First was Bird, front wheel digging in and rider over the bars, this proved to be an expensive mistake thus resulting in destruction of Birds navigational aid, fortunately Bird came out unscathed . Next off was Foster again over the bars, no navigational aids to worry about there he was more concerned about new kit he purchased 10 years ago. Finally Low was the last victim, flicking up a rock and ripping off his rear mech. Bird comes to the rescue and pulls out a replacement hanger from his over loaded back pack. Of course it didn't fit, no problem for the wheelers, over to former club champion Wood to rectify the problem with a very simple solution with a packer behind the hanger. Problem sorted. We were still 10 riders having fun. The next few miles went without incident, the odd walker got in our way but they kindly moved as they always do, and we moved our way into Edale to refuel.
After lunch recharged and in good spirits we made our way over Jaggers Clough where,Lawton,Ross,Renshaw,Rowson decided to show their off road skills with a little downhill racing ,we all got down safely and regrouped. We then continued our journey on the Haggside Trail descending into Derwent Water with a 4 mile road section where we all turned into road racing mode, this brought us to the famous cut-gate bridleway that drops down into Yorkshire. This is the hardest and most demanding part of the ride. Time to stretch the legs and "put thee bike on thee shoulder". This was very rewarding as the down hill descent to the spotty cafe (Langsett) is in my opinion one of the best. It did though take one casualties, Bird receiving a snake bite on is rear wheel.
On reaching the cafe we were all wondering where the roadies were who we had arranged to meet and hopefully all ride back together in true Macclesfield Wheelers tradition. This wasn't to be we couldn't wait any longer .
Quite a tame pace home along the Trans Pennine Trail to Dunsford Bridge with Renshaw, Gamwell,Heywood,Lawton doing most of the work into a very strong headwind. Then onto the road section through Charlesworth to Marplebridge the hammer went down we couldn't contain Wood (meathead) any longer. I now see where he gets his name from. Gamwell was strong holding Wood's wheel where the rest of us mediocre cyclists just hung on to the back we all made it safely down into Marplebridge apart from Foster who broke his Chain. As we waited for Foster I noticed Wood taking a caffeine gel oh no I thought we are all in for another kicking. Wood towed us all down the Middlewood way at speed where he deliverd us safely to the Miners Arms where we had several beers.
The Roadies were no where to be seen. Then communication, they were at bridge nos 9 not nos 12they had overshot their destination by a few bridges they had to go back. They finally arrived and we all exchanged stories.
A good day was had by all with everyone looking out for one another. 10 riders went out and 10 returned safely. Brilliant thanks Folks.
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