You can help select a new club clothing supplier


You can help select a new club clothing supplier

Postby david.haley » Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:48 pm

At the meeting on Monday I suggested we form a sub committee to consider possible new suppliers. I envisage a group of possibly 5 or less members but if more of you want to take part then the more the merrier. Hopefully we could have one meeting invite one or two rep’s and consider samples sent from other suppliers who do not send reps. Perhaps two hours then a vote which we could put forward as a recommendation to the full committee at the next meeting. If we felt there was a need to progress an order without delay I could e-mail our recommendation to other committee members and in the absence of any objections we could perhaps press forward with an early order that may possibly (it will be very tight) be available for Christmas.
If you want to be involved please e-mail "". I will then send a list of potential new suppliers to those who want to be involved in addition to what I know about their services and prices.

Thanks DH.
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Re: You can help select a new club clothing supplier

Postby AlexTaylor » Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:22 pm

I'd love to be part of this process as I need some Macc wheelers clothing and a skinsuit but I'm VERY particular!
However, I can't commit the time as I'm either working or I'm daddy day/evening care. Hence I've been on approximately zero club runs and 2 chain gangs this year! :(
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