Monday night training ride

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Monday night training ride

Postby fredspark » Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:43 pm

Nobody seems to have been doing the Monday night training ride over the last few weeks. Jamie Heads & Paul Fenton have both turned up to find themselves the only ones there, I did it a few times last winter, just two of us once and another time just three.
Now that we have the training ride on alternate Sundays thanks to Monica & Ben, maybe its time to take it off the calendar until the spring and then try and generate some interest in it, as a summer ride it is well attended.
The next two Mondays are Xmas day and new years respectively so there would be no training ride anyway and its not very good if people are turning up and nobody's there.
If anybody's got any thoughts to add to mine please post them up.

Fred W
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Re: Monday night training ride

Postby pacsman » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:01 am

I'd second this, being one of the solo riders of late. It seems that the other rides are catering well for most people so it is perhaps superfluous at the moment. As Fred says, it is much more popular in the summer months, so perhaps put it to bed for the winter? If a potential new member turned up based on the fact it is advertised on the website then they might be somewhat put off to find themselves stood alone in a car park at Broken Cross.
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