Sunday training ride 24. February

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Sunday training ride 24. February

Postby thetrotter » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:39 pm

Eight hard men assembled under the watchful eye of El Capitino this morning. The tone of the ride was set by Warren "The Animal" Jackson whose starting effort was so fearsome that it snapped his chain. Thereafter the speed didn't drop much and the average for the Knutsford Loop (formerly known as the AAA Loop) was well over 18mph. Mixture of freezing temperatures, sun and snow flurries made for a pleasant Sunday morning.
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Re: Sunday training ride 24. February

Postby roger j wrenn » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:25 pm

Just had 2 days with Stretchy (Mike Stretch)with his new 13lb Cervelo . Yesterday did 120k with 2568 metres of climbing in 5hrs 17 mins. Beat him to the top of the Col d Rates after he lost his bottle in the final sprint !!!
Just accompanied him on the last 30 miles of his 110 miler today when he turned up at the site looking a bit worse for wear after struggling with a strong head up in the mountains. A nice cup of tea and a ham sandwich soon put him right and he was off again chatting away 10 to the doz. Felt cold in the wind at only 12 deg. on for 21deg all next week !! according to .Bayradio. bring it on. :lol: :cheers: :lol:
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