SLOW Training - year 2 of 1000.

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SLOW Training - year 2 of 1000.

Postby david.haley » Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:51 am

ALIEN ABDUCTION DISRUPTS SLOW training ride - Contrary to official denials it has to be confirmed that our leader Chris C has been abducted by aliens obviously jealous of the success of British cycling and trying to discover the secrets of the steps to success. On a beautiful sunny summer evening only 4 riders dared to form a group of defiance against this invasion. Leaderless, rudderless a sorry tale was about to unfold when I arrived late to join the other 3 (Chris I, Dan O'D and welcome back after a 2 year absence to Johnnie Ingham) so I decided to grab the mantle of command. Unfortunately I lack the authority of CC and my commands were blindly ignored. Dan reported his wife had recently been attacked by buzzards on Pexhill but now we know these were aliens in disguise. A respectable average of 17.5 mph was achieved back to the start but all minds were centred on how to get our leader back for next week. THEN... I remembered seeing the name Flash Gordon inscribed on the frame of a leading wheeler. I call upon club officials to waste no time in engaging said Mr Gordon on a mission to rescue our leader. Let me hear you all join in that chorus made famous by Queen ....."FLASH, aye, aye" and order will be restored by next week.
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Re: SLOW CHAIN GANG - year 2 of 1000.

Postby Mike Roberts » Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:55 am

Pleased to commend your taste in music 'D Mem'.
Whether or not our Saturday morning ABC Minors hero can help or not remains to be seen!

AKA Mr Grub Street - whatever that implies!
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