Au revoir David Millar set to retire 2014

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Au revoir David Millar set to retire 2014

Postby Buxton Bleat » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:21 pm

Love him. Hate him..... Loathe him....!??

Has ever a sportsman ever produced such a wide ranging spectrum of emotions?

I clearly remember the 2000 prologue at Le Tour held at Futuroscope. Lance Armstrong (yeah him) looked certain to get the defence of his first yellow jersey off to a perfect beginning only for some Scottish skinny upstart to beat him on his TDF debut by 2 seconds. Ace. My hero forever and ever.

Fast forward to June 2004, and my hero, the reigning World TT champ, Goldenboy Millar is busted for doping. Talk about gutted. I didn't touch my bike for months and lost all interest in cycling because of that. What a B&stard! All this time following and cheering his every result. All fake. Duped. Lied to. Cheated. During his ban Millar chose to move to Hayfield just 1.5 miles away from this brooding, once idolising fan, Mr Fielden who lived just down the road at New Mills. I swore to egg, flour and generally rant at Millar for being such a bad boy should they ever meet. For 18 months or so I did often see Millar out training dressed like a chicken in Saunier Duval kit but the chances of me having egg and flour on my person at such a moment were pretty slim so he got away with it.

And so onto the Millar comeback. I tried to ignore it and pretend he didn't exist but I couldn't help but follow his results and like the guy so much like I did before. I didn't want to like him but I just did goddamit!! Always good for a post race quip - be it a meaningful take on the action spoken from his heart and intellectual mind or just a downright unhelpful embarrassing negative response to some poor sports reporting hack. He was always entertaining. On the bike more so. If he was in a break you knew it was gonna be an exciting finish. Boom or bust. Even Time Trialling was interesting. Chains slipping off in sight of the line whilst certain for the win or bikes getting hurled over walls. Never dull.

In my opinion and on balance he's given more to cycling than not and I'll miss him in the pro ranks in 2015.
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