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Welcome to the Macclesfield Wheelers. We’re 70 years young this year, passionate about cycling and would love to see you on one of our rides. You can read what we get up to in our Annual Report and find the answers to some of the questions you may have.

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Thinking of coming out with us? Here's what Cycling Weekly magazine wrote about its Ride with the Macclesfield Wheelers.
If you want to join us on the road, please read these guidelines first. If you'd like to join us off-road, please read these. If you are under 18, please make sure your parent or guardian reads this before you come out with us.
Three Charity Rides, Sunday 16 Sept

We raised 227 pounds for Cyclists Fighting Cancer. Thank you everybody, including those who brought cakes and those who donated but were unable to ride. You can still donate by PayPal at (please make multiple payments to donate more than 5 pounds). You do not need a PayPal account to use this channel: just click on Pay by Debit or Credit Card.
Membership now 260, including 61 women
This is our highest number of women members ever. You can contact Rachel G, our Women's Ambassador, at
Join now and your membership will continue until 31 Dec 2019, for no extra money.
Club Clothing - SEPT 2018 in Club Clothing
By Simon H at 10:03am on 16/09/18
Message from Emma Stretch: *** Please read re:Club Kit *** Hi Everyone, We are looking at placing a re-stock order on selected items/sizes, and wanted to get people’s interest first so we can make ...
Lark Ride in Club runs
By Chris C at 7:47am on 16/09/18
Lark Ride to Longnor 15 Sept Ten Larks out on our 9.00 am 42 mile ride yesterday to my favourite café, the Longnor Craft Centre & Coffee Shop (vegans please note: soya milk available). We were: Davi...
Easier trianing ride at 10-2-7 in Training
By fredspark at 11:48am on 14/09/18
Eleven of us had another good chain gang last night, setting of in the fading light at 10_2_7. Good riding from Dave A who joined us for the first time, Phil K was out after missing a few weeks and ga...
1 pm Club Run in Club runs
By fredspark at 4:33pm on 13/09/18
Last saturday was a flatish ride so as the weather is looking good its a hilliy one this saturday at 1pm. Since some of us might be doing one, two or even three charity rides on Sunday its going to be...
Easier trianing ride at 10-2-7 in Training
By fredspark at 4:43pm on 12/09/18
Its looking like decent conditions for tomorrow evenings easier training ride but good lights will be required towards the end. This is the clubs entry level training ride rather than a social ride. t...
Richard Elliott Trophy Competition 2018 in General
By Mike Roberts at 9:30pm on 11/09/18
2018 Richard Elliott Trophy award claims. PM me with details of all of your Audax and or Sportive Rides (distances and metres climbed), and tell me if you completed any of the Circuit of the Edge/ 3-...
Charity Rides, Sunday 16 Sept in Events
By Chris C at 5:00pm on 11/09/18
Charity Rides, Sunday 16 Sept We're running three rides for Cyclists Fighting Cancer. This charity, which runs the marvellous Charity Bike Shop in Prestbury, gives new bikes, adapted trikes, tandems,...
Monday training ride in Training
By Jamieh at 9:58pm on 09/09/18
Broken Cross at 7pm tomorrow night for the intermediate paced training ride. Hopefully we can get enough numbers to make it work. See you then hopefully.
1 pm Club Run in Club runs
By fredspark at 2:31pm on 09/09/18
On a not very promising afternoon yesterdays 1pm club run headed to Eaton near Tarporley following something like but not exactly the track the lark ride had made in very different (as somebody kept r...
Lark Ride in Club runs
By Chris C at 6:51am on 09/09/18
Lark Ride to Wheelock Hall 8 Sept That ride in numbers. Riders, six: Steve P, Becky H, Graham T, Mark Boo, Phil B, me. Lark Ride debutantes, two: Becky and Graham (welcome). Extra loop before café a...